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Aligning Your Employer Brand with Candidate Expectations

Head Hunters breaks down what candidates prioritise when considering a new job.

With the hiring landscape ever-changing, marked by fluctuations and shifts in talent priorities, one fundamental truth stands for the essential value of a robust employer brand. With this in mind, understanding what candidates prioritise when considering a new job is crucial for attracting top talent.

By aligning recruitment strategies with these priorities, companies can enhance their employer brand and successfully attract the right talent. This holds particularly true for executive recruitment in Brisbane, where the market demands a nuanced understanding of local dynamics and candidate preferences.

What Candidates Say They Want

According to LinkedIn data, candidates consistently mention several key factors as top priorities when considering a new employer. Below are the top 5 factors listed by potential employees when they are considering a new job:

  1. Excellent compensation and benefits (61%)
  2. Organisational support for balanced work and personal life (50%)
  3. Flexible work arrangements (when and where you work) (45%)
  4. Job Security (35%)
  5. Opportunities for career growth within the company (34%)

The Gap Between Stated Priorities and Actions

While candidates frequently state these priorities, their actions sometimes reveal different trends. For example, although flexibility is a top-stated priority, not all candidates end up at companies recognised for their flexible policies. This discrepancy highlights the importance of understanding both what candidates say and what their behaviours indicate.

In the scope of executive recruitment in Brisbane, LinkedIn’s data reveals that candidates who prioritise certain factors, like career growth opportunities or a positive company culture, are indeed more likely to join companies that excel in those areas. However, some priorities do not align with their ultimate job choices, suggesting other influencing factors at play, such as immediate financial needs or geographic constraints.

Aligning Employer Brand with Candidate Priorities

To attract and retain top executive talent, companies need to align their employer brand with the true priorities of candidates. Understanding what candidates prioritise when considering a new job is essential for attracting the best talent. By aligning your employer brand with these priorities—whether flexibility, career growth, or company culture—you can create a more appealing and competitive recruitment strategy. Employers should continuously evaluate and adapt their strategies to meet the evolving needs of job seekers.

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